About Us


The Meridian Business Campus is located just west of Rt. 59 between North Aurora Rd. and New York St. in Aurora, IL.  Meridian is known for its beautiful landscaping with thousands of trees, miles of hedge line and beautiful ponds being just a few of the park’s dazzling natural features.  It is a great place to walk, bike, or drive and is the ideal environment to enjoy the serene outdoors while taking a break from a busy workday. 


Founded in 1968, Meridian is now home to over 40 companies, both local and national.  From this page you can see a list of the companies that are members of Meridian Business Campus, check out news and updates on park and area information, and look for available space in the park for you to become a member of the most beautiful business campus around!


Duke Realty Corporation developed and currently manages the Meridian Business Campus Owner’s Association, handling the landscaping, park improvements (excluding shared roadways), and day-to-day business for the park.  Any questions?  Feel free to contact us at 847-232-5400.